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MRI Safety

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MRI Safety

Reducing MRI Accidents: 9 Best Practices Infographic

We worked with Tobias Gilk to analyze all of the MRI injury accidents reported to the FDA in 2015 and 2016 and tested which preventions would be most effective in keeping patients and staff safe. View the infographic summarising our analysis and download and print a copy to display in your facility.

Architects guide image of MRI suite

Guide to MRI Safety & Ferromagnetic Detection Regulations

With multiple professional and accrediting bodies involved, it can be difficult to keep track of the various published safety recommendations and guidelines in the US. This guide summarises the present status relating to ferromagnetic detection systems for the prevention of MRI projectile incidents.

Architects guide

Architect, Specifier & Planner Guidance Information Pack

To enhance MRI safety, FMDS such as Metrasens’ Ferroguard systems are now required by multiple professional and accrediting bodies. Download our guidance document pack to learn about the current regulatory guidance for FMDS and MRI projectile safety, together with specifier documentation.


Metrasens – Putting MRI Safety First

Ferroguard Screener Product Video

Ferroguard Assure Product Video – US version

Ferroguard Assure Product Video – International version


May 2019 webinar

MRI Accident Case Studies #2. Learning from the FDA MAUDE Database

John Posh and Tobias Gilk for the second in our series of webinars taking a close look at recently reported MRI accidents. Tobias and John review two accidents reported via the FDA MAUDE (Manufacturer And User Facility Device Experience) Database.

Barbara Nugent Webinar

MRI Safety the View from the Front Line

UK based Radiographer, MRI Safety specialist and founder of MRI Safety Matters®, Barbara Nugent will be discussing The evidence for the need for minimum standards of MRI safety education for the MRI workforce, MRI safety incident reports and more.

Emergent issues in MR webinar with Bill Faulkner and Kristan Harrington

Emergent Situations in MR

“Emergent Situations in MRI” with WM Faulkner & Kristan Harrington of William Faulkner & Associates covers MR staffing, contrast media adverse events, the emergent removal of a patient from Zone IV and things to think about if there were to be an active fire in Zone IV.

Jan Webinar

MRI Accident Case Studies: Learning from the FDA MAUDE Database

Join us for the first in a new series of webinars where MRI Safety experts John Posh and Tobias Gilk take a closer look at recently reported MRI accidents to help you learn from the mistakes of others.

Tobias Gilk webinar Metrasens

Fundamentals of MRI Safety: Satisfying The Joint Commission’s Requirements for Annual Training

Have you and your colleagues completed your Joint Commission required annual MRI safety training yet this year? Watch this exclusive webinar with Tobias Gilk to make sure you keep up to date. The webinar covers the seven main areas anyone who scans is required to have documented training in.

Ask the Experts Webinar

Preventing MRI Accidents: “Ask the Experts” Webinar

Do you have questions about the latest MRI Safety best practice recommendations? This exclusive “Ask the Experts” Webinar with John Posh and Tobias Gilk includes a presentation looking at the most common types of MRI accidents including hearing loss, burns and projectiles. This is followed by an extensive Q&A session where our experts answer a wide range of MRI safety related questions.

Dr. Frank Shellock

Understanding & Complying with The Joint Commission’s Requirements for MRI Safety

Are you aware of The Joint Commission’s guidance on MRI safety? In this webinar Dr Frank G. Shellock and Metrasens’ John Posh give a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know.


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Corrections Detection

Case Study: Aiding Officers with Surprise Screening

Find out why a US county jail moved quickly to purchase Cellsense Plus from Metrasens after unexpectedly detecting a contraband cell phone battery during a sales presentation.

Metrasens – Cellsense® Plus Cell Phone Detection

White Papers & Infographics


[Infographic] Protecting Correctional Facilities Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Download this infographic where we  outline step-by-step how to find and choose the right vendor and technology to successfully counter contraband in your facility.

major trends in contraband

[White Paper] Major Trends in Jail & Prison Contraband: 5 Key Threats and Vulnerabilities

The fight against contraband is as old as the corrections system itself. Download our “Major Trends in Jail & Prison Contraband” white paper to gain valuable insights on the current threats and vulnerabilities to shape and validate your views on contraband.

corrections false sense security white paper

[White Paper] A False Sense of Security: 12 Factors for Securing Your Facility Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

By asking the right questions of your security vendors, you can cut through the noise, accurately understand the value of their offerings, and successfully counter contraband in your correctional facilities. Read our latest white paper for a step-by-step guide

Healthcare Security

Healthcare Security Resources & Articles

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Case Studies & White Papers

MH Glass

Case Study: Adding a Detection Capability Layer to an Existing Security Presence

Learn why an intensive outpatient clinic selected Metrasens’ Proscreen 200™ to add an extra security layer following an incident where a patient shot a nurse.

Best Practices for Behavioral Health Safety & Security

White Paper: 7 Best Practices for Behavioral Health Safety & Security

Do You Think Your Security Practices Are Robust Enough? This white paper will give you seven best practices, that when used together will start you on a path to security problem resolution. Best practices include: Staff Training; Standard Operating Procedures; Point of Entry and Reception; Screening; Managing Visitors; and more.

Guides & Infographics

Balance Healthcare Security Resource

E-Guide: Find the Perfect Balance of Healthcare Security

In this e-guide, Metrasens examines the security solutions that address the challenge of protecting patients and staff from the increases in violence on healthcare workers while preserving an environment of healing.

mental health infographic

Infographic: The Case For Change in Mental Health Security

Download this infographic where we examine the case for change in Mental Health Security.


behavioral health webinars

Fresh Thinking to Boost Adoption of Security in Behavioral Health

Our behavioral health environments are changing. There is a growing consensus in the need to improve and update security protocols, yet a lack of consensus on how best to reach the desired outcome. In this webinar, featuring renowned healthcare security expert, Bryan Warren, we look to provide insights that can help guide progress and needed change.


Making Security, Staff & Patient Care Co-exist

Threats of violence and attacks on behavioral healthcare staff are all too common and are gaining media attention for their increase in frequency and severity. In this webinar, Metrasens’ Jim Viscardi, and Greg Hinds share thoughts on how security practices, procedures, and technologies can combine to provide the proper balance of safety without disturbance to care.


Counterterrorism Resources & Articles


Case Studies & White Papers

counterterrorism metrasens

Case Study: Screening for Large Weapons at Event Venues

Learn why a Fortune 100 U.S. technology company chose Metrasens’ Proscreen 900™ to enhance security screening effectiveness at their large events.

Mass Screening at Events

White Paper: Protecting Your Arena from a Mass Casualty Event

Protecting your arena has many complexities –  a robust physical security strategy, a continued pulse on intelligence and a regular review of security system layering to name a few.  In this white paper we take a look at three key considerations for mass screening at the perimeter for large events.

Guides & Infographics

Mass screening infographic image

Infographic: Mass Screening at Events

In this infographic we take a look at 3 key mass screening considerations at events: The vulnerability innate in large crowds, the common security methods in place, and a way to expand your reach.