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Advanced ferromagnetic detection to enhance the safety of your MRI Suite

Implement MRI safety best practices with the experts in Ferromagnetic Detection.

Despite careful, accreditation-led MRI safety procedures, projectile incidents are on the rise. The inability to effectively and efficiently screen and clear patients and staff for MRI studies is one key contributing factor to this rise in incidents.  The risk of a projectile in the magnet room, or near miss event, is not to be taken lightly. In working with Metrasens you will discover our commitment to solutions that aid in this balance of safety without compromise yet coupled with efficiency in your workflow that keeps patient care and diagnosis synchronized.

Metrasens ferromagnetic detection (FMD) systems for Zones 2 and 3 are expertly designed and work together to provide complete protection to your patients, visitors, MRI staff, and non-MRI staff, while increasing the efficiency of your operations. In partnership together we can reverse the trend and make safety in the MRI suite a given.


increase in MRI accidents over 10 years**


countries around the world have MRI facilities being protected by Ferroguard systems


of the US’ Top 10 Best Hospitals have deployed Ferroguard MRI safety systems***

Ferromagnetic detection system

We Wrote the Playbook for Ferromagnetic Detection Success

When you select Metrasens, you select more than just the most advanced ferromagnetic detection systems for your MRI suite, you select a partner focused on helping you implement MRI safety best practices. With deep expertise cross-functionally, we ensure your success for the long term, which includes on-site or online training and the unparalleled support of our customer success team.


Selecting Ferroguard FMDS systems will enable you to meet ACR guidance to screen patients “approaching Zone IV”. Locating an FMDS within the doorframe inside Zone IV is simply too late to meet recommendations and too late to prevent risks becoming incidents. And be assured that all Ferroguard MRI safety systems are true FMDS, not traditional metal detectors that the ACR recommends against.

For MRI facilities in the USA, Ferroguard Assure with MRI-Safety-Manager is the only FMDS enabling you to simply categorize “unintentional” entry of ferromagnetic items into Zone IV, as required by Joint Commission accreditation standards.

Not all products are available in all countries, please check with Metrasens or your local distributor for more information.

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The high quality you expect in a MRI safety product

Our award-winning products are the only FMDS designed and manufactured under ISO9001 international quality standards, just like every other item of medical equipment in your facility. Ferroguard systems are robust enough to cope with your busy environment and styled to fit in with the best facility design.

We are proud to partner with the leaders in MRI including: Philips Invivo, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, and Siemens Healthineers. Ferroguard MRI safety solutions are available globally through Metrasens’ expert local distributors.

Working together to keep you safe

Metrasens Ultra

Unmatched sensitivity and precision. Ultra detects and indicates the location of even the smallest ferrous objects and medical implants improving the efficiency and reliability of your patient-screening process.

Assure system

Ferroguard Assure

Trustworthy, clear detection of ferromagnetic hazards, before reaching MRI Zone IV. Eliminates catastrophic accidents caused by medium to large ferromagnetic items.

Who recommends ferromagnetic detection systems for MRI safety?

MRI Safety Resources

Free Guide to MRI Safety & Ferromagnetic Detection Regulations

With multiple professional and accrediting bodies involved, it can be difficult to keep track of what the various published safety recommendations and guidelines in the US say. Metrasens is pleased to assist by providing this summary of the present status as it relates to the growing adoption of ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS) for the prevention of MRI projectile incidents.

MRI Safety & Ferromagnetic Detection



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* Metrasens' Safety Suite not available in all markets.
*** US News & World Report