Designed for Precision and Flexibility

Designed for Precision and Flexibility

Trying to keep up with evolving safety and security risks? Now’s the time to work smarter, not harder. Metrasens Ultra is the most advanced detection system, designed to grow its capabilities over time. Ultra is revolutionizing safety and security screening by protecting people, property and sensitive information in every environment, from correctional facilities, and MRI suites, to corporate and government campuses. With Ultra, the applications are endless.

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Metrasens Ultra is powered by Xact ID, our software-based technology platform that combines state-of-the-art sensor technology, proprietary algorithms, and machine learning to further enhance screening effectiveness, efficiency, and actionable intelligence. Ultra is upgradeable, to add new features and functionalities as the needs for detecting threat items changes. With Metrasens Ultra, the future is already in your hands.

Unmatched Precision

  • Digital Signal Processing for unmatched precision and detection sensitivity
  • Consistent whole-body detection of threat items on or inside a person’s body
  • Detection Profiles and Operating Modes allow you to set up the system to detect only the threat items you want to detect

5-Zone Location Identification

  • LED lighted indicators at the height level corresponding to the threat object
  • Improves secondary screening efficiency
  • Zone indication without compromise to detection performance

Uncompromising Flexibility

  • Digital mitigation of interference from non-threat items for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Detection profiles and operating modes allows for a variety of applications, based on your security and safety needs
  • Can be used free-standing or wall-mounted, indoors or outdoors, in one static location or around your facility

Powerful, Yet Easy to Use

  • Intuitive touch-screen operations
  • Screening modes and profiles to meet your screening needs
  • Simple, rugged interface
  • Auto lock and optional PIN code protected access

Secure, Actionable Data

  • Actionable intelligence data improves operations and compliance
  • Remote management and integration via API
  • Event logging and operational statistics

Metrasens Ultra is the clear choice to stop incidents before they happen.

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