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Promoting staff and patient safety

The safety and security of patients, staff and visitors has never been more top of mind than now for those in the healthcare field.

Violent behavior committed by patients is a growing concern affecting staff at all levels.  Yet, these staff are lacking appropriate healthcare security technology to address the issue.  That is, until now.  Metrasens offers the latest innovation in healthcare security technology to detect restricted items in a manner suitable for healthcare environments.


of all workplace assaults occur in the healthcare setting*


increase in hospital shootings since 2009**


spent by U.S. hospitals and health systems in response to violence (2016)***

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Making People Screening Suitable for Healthcare Facilities

Recent years have seen an increase in threats against healthcare workers accompanied by more questions than answers on how best to address the growing issue.  For one, the need for proper healthcare security technology to reduce these threats is long overdue.  Metrasens now provides the solution that ends the debate on availability of people screening technology that allows healthcare facilities to remain open and helpful rather than restricted and inaccessible.

Emergency and Ambulatory

The first thought that comes to mind for people screening is emergency department and ambulatory entryways.  While these are important areas, the emergency department benefits from a more expansive, layered security approach.  The involves entryway, triage, and crisis intervention or psychiatric holding areas.  Expanding beyond the traditional areas uncovers new ways to contain security threats in the emergency department.

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Mental Health, Behavioral Health and Psychiatric

Mental health, behavioral health or psychiatric hospitals all come with their own unique set of risks and safety requirements.  Those with compromised mental status for any number of reasons have an increased tendency for violent behavior, and this can put staff in undesirable positions.  Patient screening is a security necessity that extends beyond the entrance and into the facility where threats can be addressed from the inside-out.

PS900 Plus Release

Proscreen 200

A detection system with patient-centered care in mind. Proscreen 200™ provides effective healthcare security screening capabilities without compromising the primary goal of providing care and rehabilitation in a welcoming environment.

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[On-Demand Webinar] Fresh Thinking to Boost Adoption of Security in Behavioral Health

Our behavioral health environments are changing. There is increased frequency in news headlines detailing stories of attacks, with a higher percentage of attacks involving weapons.

There is growing consensus in the need to improve and update security protocols, yet a lack of consensus on how best to reach the desired outcome. In this webinar, featuring renowned healthcare security expert, Bryan Warren, we look to provide insights that can help guide progress and needed change.