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Trying to keep up with evolving safety and security risks? Now’s the time to work smarter, not harder with Metrasens Ultra™.

In just five minutes, see how Metrasens Ultra can revolutionize your screening experience.

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    Improve your secondary screening with zone indication without compromise to detection performance. LED lighted indicators illuminate at the height level corresponding to the threat object.

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    Ultra is designed with flexibility in mind with deployment options in and around your facility. Ultra also has greater operational efficiency to set up and screen without delay.

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    Ultra is revolutionizing safety and security detection screening, combining Metrasens advanced proprietary algorithms and enhanced sensor design that result in high detection levels with low extraneous alarms.

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Large Urban Hospital Discovers 2,500 Risk Items In 5 Months With The Aid of Metrasens

The increasing number of violent incidents is a top concern for healthcare leaders. Yet, many are unsure of the best way to address this complex problem in such a sensitive environment. There is often a feeling that inaction is pervasive as hospital leaders seek to balance safety with quality patient care, often finding that solutions for safety and security are a mismatch for their environments. For those that strike the right balance, the results are eye-opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Metrasens Ultra detect all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous?

No.  Metrasens Ultra is a ferromagnetic detection system and only detects ferrous metals.  Those are metals that have magnetic properties and are most typically composed of iron.

How does Metrasens Ultra differ from conventional walk-through metal detectors?

The biggest differences for Metrasens Ultra are:

  • Only detects ferrous metals
  • Passive detection technology, meaning that it does not create an active electromagnetic field.  This makes it safe for use on people with medical implants or pregnant women for instance.
  • Ferrous metals cannot be shielded or concealed to avert detection
  • Portable, giving flexibility to deploy when and where you want

How exactly is Metrasens Ultra portable?

Metrasens Ultra can operate on battery power for a range of 10-16 hours.  It is designed to be easily moved to accommodate your preferred screening application, whether than means “always on” or otherwise.  Simply pick it up and move it – once set down, you’re ready to start screening.

What is Xact ID?

Xact ID is Metrasens technology platform that makes possible all the features, functions, and performance of Metrasens Ultra.  Think of it like the “Intel Inside” which was known as the processing power behind computers.  Xact ID has unlocked the capabilities derived from software algorithms and machine learning to provide the performance wrapped up in Metrasens Ultra.

Where is Metrasens Ultra available for sale?

Metrasens Ultra is available for sale on a global basis either directly from Metrasens or through an authorized reseller.  For purchase information, please contact us at

How easy is Metrasens Ultra to operate?

Extremely easy.  The interface and controls have been designed for ease of operation.  Intuitive menu options and settings make Metrasens Ultra one of the easiest systems to operate by any level of staff.

It looks like there is a touchscreen interface – is that durable?

Very durable and tested to withstand high impact and retain operation.

Can Metrasens Ultra be used indoors and outdoors?


Do you provide training and education?

Yes!  Training and education are core to our customer experience, ensuring you have the tools necessary to deploy, operate, and have support for the life of your system.