Sharing and Gaining Knowledge from a Career in Corrections

For 2021 National Correctional Officers Week, Metrasens employees were asked to reflect on their careers and personal stories that demonstrate their commitment to keeping officers safe.

I began my career in corrections over 20 years ago as an officer in a closed custody facility.  I knew in those first days on the job that an exciting and interesting career was ahead of me.  It began with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) and continued on with the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC).  As Chief Investigator for one of the largest facilities in Georgia, I shared in the responsibility of mitigating contraband from entering our facility and getting out the items that were still managing to get in.  Through my career the importance of controlling contraband has always been, and continues to be, important to me. I saw firsthand how easily the most unexpected items can become a weapon or a tool for escape and that has stayed with me.

It was in my role as Chief Investigator that I first became aware of Metrasens.  When I first got a Cellsense I was a skeptic.  Everyone promises they have something special in their equipment and many times it doesn’t live up to the promise.  So, I was going to do what I always do – put it through the “show me” approach.  Everyone that tests out new equipment knows what I mean.  I was going to put it through the ringer and test it out every which way I could to see if it could really live up to the promises that were made.  We were told how durable and sensitive this equipment was for finding contraband, and to be honest, I did not believe it for a minute.  So, I tested it…and tested it…and tested it.  Against the odds in my experience, this technology proved to be what it promised and began earning its reputation.  We quickly learned that there were no limits on how and where to use this type of technology and that was empowering.  We weren’t limiting ourselves to just mass movement scenarios and offender screening; we were getting inventive, and it sure did work.

When a crossroads came in my career with an opportunity presented to work for Metrasens and take my own experience to work with all of you, I jumped on it.  I was a believer and was excited about the opportunity to take what we had done to improve and improvise screening and collaborate on that with agencies all around the country.  I got the opportunity to continue working in corrections and go around to work with some of the greatest workers in law enforcement.  As a Corrections Trainer, I take pride in working with all of you, using a product that I invested in myself and saw returns, to ensure all my brothers and sisters in blue get the very best we can offer.  Our trainers at Metrasens grew up in corrections and it pleases me to work with people that have been “in the thick of it” and understand exactly what you go through day in and day out.  I am fortunate to have taken a chance over 20 years ago in the corrections field and am glad that I continue to work in this field today.

During this week of celebration for all your hard work and dedication, for all the long shifts and time away from your family, for the sacrifices you make that so often go unknown by the public, Thank you.  The impact you make keeps us all safe and I thank you for letting me play a small part in that.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to share what I have learned during my career, and to learn for all of your experiences.