Protecting a Correctional Facility

Beyond a reasonable doubt

Contraband has reached record levels in correctional facilities, but thankfully, detection technologies have come a long way. The infographic below outlines step-by-step how to find and choose the right vendor and technology to successfully counter contraband in your facility.


Metrasens’ Cellsense Plus is helping corrections facilities around the world detect cell phones and other contraband items.

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Additional Resources

corrections false sense security white paper

[White Paper] A False Sense of Security: 12 Factors for Securing Your Facility Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

By asking the right questions of your security vendors, you can cut through the noise, accurately understand the value of their offerings, and successfully counter contraband in your correctional facilities. Read our latest white paper for a step-by-step guide

Corrections Detection

[Case Study] Aiding Officers With Surprise Screening

Find out why a US county jail moved quickly to purchase Cellsense Plus from Metrasens after unexpectedly detecting a contraband cell phone battery during a sales presentation.