Proscreen 900™ Plus

Unmatched Detection Capability & Deployment Versatility

Security Today New Product of the Year 2018

Winner of Two Security Industry Awards



The expanding threat of mass casualty events is top priority for security and counterterrorism leaders. Soft targets ranging from stadiums to theme parks, concert venues to casinos, and transportation centers to government facilities have an immediate need for a new security solution.

Featuring highly effective ferromagnetic detection (FMDS) technology, Proscreen 900 Plus has been designed to explicitly focus on screening for large mass casualty threat items in perimeter locations. Proscreen 900 Plus delivers the best combination of tested detection capability, throughput efficiency, and deployment versatility in the security screening market.

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Unrivaled Large Weapon Detector

Proscreen 900 Plus is the foremost perimeter detection system designed specifically to identify mass casualty threat items. Weapons such as sub-machine guns, assault-style rifles, sniper rifles, and class III weapons, these often concealed threats are easily detected with Metrasens advanced detection technology. Backed by the industry’s most rigorous weapons testing, Proscreen 900 Plus is the ideal solution for added screening in your counterterrorism applications.

High Throughput Efficiency

Proscreen 900 Plus is extremely efficient combining both effective screening along with high throughput. It ignores the non-threat items, such as cell phones, car keys, and pocket change, and keeps the flow of people traffic moving at a screening rate of 50-60 people per minute (3,000 – 3,600 per hour).

High Throughput efficiency
Proscreen 900 Plus Versatility


Proscreen 900 Plus’ battery-powered operation makes it a versatile solution for a wide variety of CONOPS, and eliminates the need for costly infrastructure changes or construction modifications. And, with a slim design profile, its subtlety ensures no distraction from the guest experience at your venue or campus.

Proscreen 900 Plus at a glance

Portable, High Throughput screening
Designed for high throughput without the burden of divestiture, 50-60 people can be screened per minute (3,000 – 3,600 per hour)

Effective Large Weapon Detection
Unmatched detection capability across common weapon platforms including sub-machine guns, assault-style rifles, sniper rifles, and class III weapons (validated by extensive weapons testing)

Systems Integration
An alarm output module (optional) allows for integration into PSIM’s, access control systems, and/or video surveillance systems. No software, middleware or firmware.

Unlimited Deployment Options

Due to its lightweight and battery power, Proscreen 900 Plus can be easily deployed wherever screening is needed, eliminating concerns for costly infrastructure or power modifications.

Easy to use
No setup calibration and simple operating controls by design make Proscreen 900 Plus operation-ready for all levels of security staff to deploy quickly.

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100% safe
The Proscreen 900 Plus is a passive detector with no emissions of any kind. It is perfectly safe for all individuals, inluding those who are pregnant or have surgical implants.

Maintenance free
Unlike other technologies, there is no calibration, no annual battery replacement and no required service calls.

Covert screening
Proscreen 900 Plus can operate with both audible and visual alerts in the off setting with optional alarm output module

Site Assessments and Training
Site assessments at the onset, followed by on-site training post-sale with counterterrorism experts to include technology and screening CONOPS.