Physical Data Security

Advanced Physical Protection of Data and Infrastructure

Physical Data Security

Advanced Physical Protection of Data and Infrastructure

Guarding against unsuspecting physical data threats

Cybersecurity has a partner in physical data security to fight off malicious threats, jointly protecting against the breach of firewalls and physical walls. Governments and organizations alike are responsible to maintain the highest standards in protection of assets through intelligence and technology. Metrasens physical data security solution aims to upgrade the technology aspect of protection, and raise the standard to keep proprietary, confidential and sensitive data and facilities safe from evolving threats.


reported cyber attacks against the US DoD in FY 2016


 million records exposed in data breaches in US in 2017*

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Applied Technology to Close the Physical Data Security Gap

Physical threats to data security are right on par with cyber threats, each posing a risk with wide reaching repurcussions. The adoption of traditional security technology based on unintended uses are no longer the best option. Metrasens’ ferromagnetic detection expertise is specifically translated into a solution that further closes the gap from threats posed by recording devices such as cell phones, hard drives, USB drives and fitness trackers, in addition to knives and guns.

Government and Defense Agencies

Governments, including defense agencies, are continuously under a barrage of attacks from criminal enterprises looking to uncover top secret information and inflict damage to interfere with sovereignty and freedom. Utilizing people resources, they look to expose physical security weaknesses and gain access to intelligence data. Metrasens physical data security solution strengthens screening and detection capabilities that empower government and defense agencies to protect their assets with more precision.

Government and defense agency security
Data center security

Data Facilities and Data Center Security

Businesses capture and process substantial amounts of data through company-owned or third party data facilities. The physical hardware in each of these facilities are accessed by employees, contractors, and partners, all of which pose a threat to data access and theft. Metrasens has developed a solution that enables restriction of data recording devices through advanced screening and detection capabilities.

PS900 Plus Release

Proscreen 500

Detection solution for identifying small and medium sized recording devices and weapons across public and government facilities.