On-Demand Webinar – Searching  Procedures and Technology in Mental Healthcare
– In Times of COVID-19

For everyone working in mental healthcare facilities, assuring the safety of patients and staff is always right at the top of the priority list.  The challenge is to find an effective way of preventing prohibited/restricted items from entering, without turning the facility into a fortress.  Maintaining a calm and therapeutic environment is also essential for effective patient care.  This live webinar explores best practice for patient search, and how new search technologies may be used to achieve that difficult balance of security and therapy. The webinar includes:

  • Mental healthcare specific search and related security practices
  • Searching within your legal and best practice frameworks
  • Use of latest screening and detection equipment
  • Search during Covid-19 pandemic – infection control

The webinar concludes with a live Q&A session

Watch the on-demand webinar now

This webinar is recommended for all those working in, or managing security in mental/behavioural healthcare facilities.  Please forward this invitation to all appropriate colleagues.

Our Speakers:

Roland Dix, RMN, BSc(Hons), FRCN, Approved Clinician
Director, Mental Health Connections
Roland Dix is Consultant Nurse in Psychiatric Intensive Care and Secure Recovery. He is an Approved Clinician working in the UK’s National Health Service, NHS. He was awarded The Royal College of Nursing RCN Fellowship in 2014. Roland was a major contributor to the 2002 and 2014 National Minimum Standards for Psychiatric Intensive Care (PICU) and is the Founding Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care. He has published extensively on psychiatric intensive care, acute mental health care and related subjects He has been an invited advisor in the UK as well as several European countries including Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands.
Through Mental Health Connections he is a consultant to Metrasens.


Dr. Jim Laidlaw, BSc(Hons), MB ChB, MRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist
Director, Mental Health Connections
Dr. Jim Laidlaw is a Consultant Psychiatrist for the UK’s National Health Service, NHS. In his varied career he has worked in Community Mental Health teams, open in-patient wards, prisons, and secure forensic wards. He was a member of the National Clinical Reference Group on Low Security, and presently works in a low security in-patient unit in Gloucester. Jim has published widely on searching patients for restricted items, treatment for severe depression and mental health law; and is Deputy Editor of the Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care.
Through Mental Health Connections  he is a consultant to Metrasens.

watch the on-demand webinar now