On-Demand Webinar – Plan your next MRI project safely with the new V.A. Design Guide

The US Department of Veteran Affairs has just released a new Design Guide with tons of information on planning safe and efficient MRI facilities. Far beyond simple zones, this new resource gives specific recommendations on safety elements from quench pipes, to wave-guides; from equipment tether points, to medical gases, and, of course to ferromagnetic detection. Whether you’re in the middle of a new MRI project, or only just thinking about an equipment replacement that’s a few years away, this webinar will help you plan for both the ‘big picture’ safety goals as well as the specific elements that can improve your suite.

In this webinar, Metrasens consultant and one of the Design Guide’s main authors, Tobias Gilk, will take you through specific planning and design elements that can help make your MRI suites safer and more efficient.

The webinar concludes with a live Q&A session

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Valid for everyone involved in the MRI suite planning, from architects, to administrators, equipment planners, to technologists, this webinar will help you prioritize the physical environment design to further protect patients, staff, and vital MRI equipment.

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Our Speaker:

Toby Gilk


Tobias Gilk, MArch, MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™)
Founding Principal, Gilk Radiology Consultants
Consultant to Metrasens



Tobias is both an American Board of MR Safety (ABMRS) certified MR Safety Officer (MRSO) and MR Safety Expert (MRSE). He is an architect and an independent consultant. He is a member of the American College of Radiology’s (ACR) MRI Safety Committee and is a named author of the ACR’s 2020 Manual on MR Safety. He has developed numerous codes and standards for the planning and design of MRI facilities, and has written hundreds of articles and papers on MRI safety, accidents, and risk-management. He is a founding Board menber and past Chair of the ABMRS.

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