On-Demand Webinar – Fundamentals of MRI Safety, satisfying The Joint Commission’s requirements for annual training

Have you and your colleagues completed your Joint Commission required annual MRI safety training yet this year?
Join this on-demand edition of our ever-popular webinar with MRI safety expert Tobias Gilk, to make sure you keep up to date.

OUR Speaker: 

Tobias Gilk, MArch, MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™).
Founding Principal, Gilk Radiology Consultants. Consultant to Metrasens.

thIS webinar coverS:

This webinar provides an overview of the seven main areas anyone who scans is required to have documented training in, including patient screening, positioning for burn prevention and more.

The webinar is essential for all those working in, or managing MRI facilities; but we also recommend attendance for anyone who has regular access to the secured parts of the MRI suite. 

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