MRI Suite Design & Construction Planner

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MRI Suite Design & Construction Planner

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Metrasens MRI suite design and construction planner is a must have resource for architects, contractors, and equipments planners involved in the process of planning a new MRI suite or retrofitting and existing.  We not only cover requirements for ferromagnetic detection systems, but rather a holistic set of planning considerations.

Design considerations include:

  • Ferromagnetic detection systems
  • Imaging utilization classification
  • Patient support spaces
  • MRI structural support
  • MRI scanner delivery path
  • Mechanical electrical plumbing (MEP) engineering
  • Four zones
  • Shielding
  • Quench
  • Building components
  • MR conditional equipment
  • Infection control
  • Small – medium – large facility designs

Also included will be 2D and 3D CAD files of MRI suite layouts to aid in your planning process.

Additional Resources

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Supporting materials for Architects, Specifiers and Planners to help you define architectural layouts of MRI suites that are optimized for safety

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A great resource to keep up with the needs of the clinical team and to ensure that the suite you design will meet the needs of its clinical users and patients for years to come.