Metrasens' Safety Cycle


Metrasens' Safety Cycle



Metrasens’ Ferroguard systems are recognized as the most trustworthy FMDS to protect your facility.

Without data, we struggle to understand, manage performance and improve. Now new MRI risk management tools, Metrasens’ Safety Suite, provide you with data and insights to enable continuous improvements in safety.

Metrasens safety cycle

2. Measure


Automatically capture activity and event data for your Ferroguard-Assure protected MRI, including: the number and percentage of ferromagnetic Zone IV entries; Zone IV door open percentage and duration; and Magnetic Activity Level.

3. Understand

Understand - Metrasens Safety Cycle

Enables you to swiftly identify ferromagnetic activity trends and data outliers, helping you prioritize action.

4. Improve


Use your new safety metrics to enable continuous improvement. For example, you can: share best practices through team education and training; Identify and implement SOP changes and  then measure the impact.

5. Report

Reporting Safety cycle

For the first time, provide simple yet comprehensive reports for your safety management team, at the touch of a button. Categorize and record the unintentional entry of ferromagnetic items, as required by The Joint Commission.

Your MRI Safety Management Data at Your Fingertips

MRI Safety Manager


With you in the control room, providing: automated data capture and analytics; recording of “unintended” entry of ferromagnetic objects, as required by The Joint Commission. Plus, real-time oversight of Zone IV door status and all activity as well as MRI safety education for your team.


My MRI SafetyTM app

Access data everywhere you go, including data analytics and reporting. Benchmark your facility against global averages. Manage safety for one or many magnets, on different floors, different buildings or different states!

Free Guide to MRI Safety & Ferromagnetic Detection Regulations

With multiple professional and accrediting bodies involved, it can be difficult to keep track of what the various published safety recommendations and guidelines in the US say. Metrasens is pleased to assist by providing this summary of the present status as it relates to the growing adoption of ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS) for the prevention of MRI projectile incidents.

MRI Safety & Ferromagnetic Detection