MRI Safety Week 2021 takes place July 26 – August 1, 2021. This year we mark the 20th anniversary of the MRI accident that drove the modern day importance and emphasis on excellence in MRI Safety.

MRI Safety Week takes place during the anniversary week of the tragic MRI accident in 2001 that resulted in the death of 6-year-old Michael Colombini.  Imaging professionals around the world dedicate this week to ensure focus remains safety in imaging.

In 2021, Metrasens is proud to provide a range of valuable resources led by Metrasens’ own MRI Safety Trainer and Educator, Alan Heffron, and renowned architect and radiology safety specialist Toby Gilk.  Metrasens remains committed to providing MRI Safety education and thought-leadership for the benefit of MR professionals around the globe.

We’re Getting Better, But MRI Safety Is Getting Worse | MRI Safety Week 2021

As a kick-off to MRI Safety Week 2021, Metrasens is joined by Tobias Gilk of Gilk Radiology Consultants to share thoughts on how practitioners and standards are getting better with MRI Safety while adverse events are not exactly following suit.

New We’re All Good Now… Projectile Accidents Don’t Happen Anymore… Right? | MRI Safety Week 2021

We talk a lot about projectile incidents within the scope of MRI Safety. But these incidents don’t really happen anymore…right?? What we hear is all from the distant past, right?? Toby Gilk, Gilk Radiology, joins us for MRI Safety Week 2021 in discussing the myth that projectile incidents are a thing of the past.

So, Your Facility Wants an MRSO…What Does That Mean? | MRI Safety Week 2021

This shared video presentation by Alan Heffron , MRI Safety Trainer for Metrasens, and Toby Gilk, Founding Principal of Gilk Radiology Consultants, presents the distinguishing factors and overlaps between the MRSO and MRSE roles, and how both are utilized to manage MRI safety excellence with and between clinical staff.

Reduce Alarm Fatigue | MRI Safety Week 2021

Alarm fatigue poses a unique threat and has been recognized by the Joint Commission as a top health care technology hazard. Alan Heffron (MRSO) explores how Ferromagnetic Detection systems have improved over time and how Metrasens has made significant advancements in eliminating extraneous alarms to improve the safety of staff and patients alike.

Improve MRI Safety Conditions with Risk Assessment and Analytics | MRI Safety Week 2021

Metrasens’ MRI Safety Trainer Alan Heffron, explores how utilizing analytical data and safety assessments can help improve MRI safety conditions facility-wide. Learn how you can deploy a simple 3 Phase Plan to make better-informed decisions and implement the industry’s best practices.

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