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MRI Safety Week 2019: 7 Useful resources

MRI Safety Week 2019 takes place July 22-28 2019. The week aims to raise awareness of MRI Safety while also promoting excellence and best practice.

Facilities and individuals around the world arrange and take part in a number of special activities during the week. MRI Safety Week takes place during the anniversary week of the tragic MRI accident in 2001 that resulted in the death of 6-year-old Michael Colombini.

It was this fatal incident which lead Dr. Simon Goodyear, Dr. Mark Keene and Matt Wooliscroft to found Metrasens with the aim of putting their scientific knowledge to work to stop accidents like this happening in the future.

Reducing MRI accidents – INFOGRAPHIC

The three most frequently reported MRI Safety incidents are: patient burns, projectile incidents, and patient hearing damage.  For this year’s MRI Safety Week here is the valuable infographic, produced with the assistance of Tobias Gilk, Past Chair of the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Society and Consultant to Metrasens.  This insightful analysis of recent MRI accident data and simply illustrates how best practice could have potentially reduced the number of reported incidents.

You can view the analysis and request a PDF version of the infographic here.

Useful MRI Safety Week resources

The Metrasens’ team are committed to raising awareness of MRI Safety best practices. We regularly produce a range of useful resources and training materials to help achieve this. We’ve summarized a few of these below:

  • MRI Safety Predictions for 2019 – 8 leading experts predict what they think will be the trends in MRI Safety this year. Read the article here.


  • On-demand webinar: The second of our popular series, when MRI Safety experts John Posh and Tobias Gilk dissect and analyse two recently reported incidents reported to the FDA’s MAUDE database. Watch the webinar here.
  • Architect and Planner MR Safety guidance: if you are involved in the design of new radiology departments, or the upgrade of existing facilities, we have a Resource Pack available providing safety-design best practice guidance, specifications and example layout drawings to download. Download your architect resource pack here


  • On-demand webinar: The Fundamentals of MRI Safety with Tobias Gilk. Satisfy The Joint Commission’s Requirement for Annual Training by watching this recent webinar.


  • Free Guide to MRI Safety and Ferromagnetic Detection Regulations – Download a copy of our guide to the latest regulations and guidelines regarding Ferromagnetic Detection Systems (FMDS) in the US. Get your copy here.


  • Current FGI Guidelines: What You Need To Know – Tobias Gilk provides an overview of the current (2018)  Facility Guidelines Institute’s Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals.  Here are  the key updates in for this edition you need to be aware of. Read the full article here.

We hope you find these resources useful during MRI Safety Week 2019 and beyond.

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