The Case For Change in Mental Health Security

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Globally, mental health facilities represent some of the most dangerous workplaces, accounting for the highest incident rate of violence against staff and patient. While care for patients is top priority, a safe working culture for staff and safe environment for patients from self-harm are equal top priorities. Striking the right balance between safety and care are imperative, yet present a quandary for many organizations in knowing exactly what to do to improve the current situation.

In this infographic, Metrasens examines the case for change in mental health security. We present you with 1) The state of violence in the mental health industry across the US and UK, 2) current screening standards and the flaws that organizations often face in creating change, and 3) new technology that rises to the challenge and cuts through the noise to enable care and safety simultaneously.

mental health infographic

Ferromagnetic detection as demonstrated in Metrasens’ Proscreen 200 are helping mental health provider organizations to become better equipped to preserve peace and protect safety.

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