Ferroguard® Centurion


Ferroguard® Centurion


Your first and future-proofed step in MRI Zone IV protection

Providing essential FMDS protection; trustworthy, uncomplicated and long-lasting.

Ferroguard Centurion is always on, always detecting, giving you the confidence that it will do its job when it really matters.

Simple clear visual alerts provide you more time to react, and directional sensing reduces the probability of alarm fatigue.  When choosing Ferroguard Centurion you can have confidence that your investment is future-proofed, with full upgrade options to Ferroguard Assure’s world-leading advanced capabilities.

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Always detecting before, not beyond the door

Ferroguard Centurion is always wall-mounted outside the MRI door in Zone III, rather than inside the door frame like alternative FMDS. This means no detection gaps or sensor activation delays – even with outswing doors.

An FMDS mounted inside Zone IV is simply too late to meet ACR guidance to use FMDS for screening persons and devices approaching Zone IV. Choose Ferroguard Centurion and be confident that your FMDS will be active and will alert you in those crucial seconds that make the difference between incident and catastrophe.

Clear, simple visual alerts

Ferroguard Centurion’s superior sensors provide detection reach in advance of the threshold. With its clear and intuitive eye-level traffic light Visual Early Warning (ViEW®) system it gives you time to react to prevent an accident.

A secondary audible alert gives additional warning if the Visual Early Warning is ignored.

Ferromagnetic detection system
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Reduced probability of alarm fatigue

Alarm fatigue is consistently identified as the most serious technology-related safety issue.* Ferroguard Centurion is designed to reduce extraneous audible alerts and the probability of alarm fatigue by never sounding an alarm on exiting the room.


Trustworthy detection
Always on, always detecting before, not beyond the door.

Future-proofed with upgrade possible to Ferroguard Assure’s world-leading feature set.

Clear, simple alerts
Intuitive, eye-level, traffic light display alerts you to risk items.

Secondary audible alert
In case the Visual Early Warning System is ignored.

Ferroguard Assure

Reduced probability of alarm fatigue
Never an alarm on exiting the room.

Built to last
Constructed from ruggedized, industrial grade aluminium and will look good for years to come.

All-inclusive installation support
Professional installation by the Manufacturer’s own field-service team.

The quality you expect
the only FMDS designed under ISO9001 international quality standards.


University Health System

A patient tried entering Zone IV with a pocket knife. The Ferroguard audible alarm immediately sounded. Although the patient had answered the prescreen safety form, Ferroguard was the ultimate reason an accident did not occur.

Chris Vineyard

University Health System, San Antonio, TX

Free Guide to MRI Safety & Ferromagnetic Detection Regulations

With multiple professional and accrediting bodies involved, it can be difficult to keep track of what the various published safety recommendations and guidelines in the US say. Metrasens is pleased to assist by providing this summary of the present status as it relates to the growing adoption of ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS) for the prevention of MRI projectile incidents.

MRI Safety & Ferromagnetic Detection

Not all products are available in all countries. Please speak to a Metrasens representative for more information. Ferroguard should not be used to replace current MRI screening procedures. The safety of staff and patients is best served by the combination of conscientious screening protocols, thorough staff training AND installation of a ferromagnetic detection system used in the correct manner.


*ECRI Institute. News Release: ECRI Institute Announces Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2015. November 2014.