MRI Safety Talks Podcast: Episode #5
MRI Projectile Safety with Lessons to Learn from the Maude Database

MRI Safety Talks host, John Posh, and guest Tobias Gilk, Founding Principal of Gilk Radiology and Consultant to Metrasens, address listener submitted questions in a follow-up to the recent Metrasens webinar covering MRI projectile safety and lessons extracted and analyzed from the MAUDE database.  Topics in this episode of MRI Safety Talks include:

  • FDA and the MAUDE database in general
  • Projectile risks related to specific devices
  • Specific preventative steps to avoid projectiles
  • Importance of sharing information and near misses
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Our Speakers:

Tobias Gilk, MArch, MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™)Tobias Gilk
Founding Principal, Gilk Radiology Consultants
Consultant to Metrasens




John Posh R.T.(R)(MR)Josh Posh
Director of Education, MR Safety Officer