Emergent issues in MR webinar with Bill Faulkner and Kristan Harrington

Emergent Situations in MR Webinar with WM Faulkner & Kristan Harrington

You can now watch the latest in our MRI Safety webinar series – “Emergent Situations in MRI” with WM Faulkner & Kristan Harrington of William Faulkner & Associates on-demand.

The webinar covers MR staffing, contrast media adverse events, the emergent removal of a patient from Zone IV (for example in the event of a code blue) and things to think about if there were to be an active fire in Zone IV.


WM. Faulkner, B.S.,R.T.(R)(MR)(CT), FSMRT, MRSO (MRSC™) & Kristan Harrington, MBA, R.T.(R)(MR), MRSO (MRSC™)

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The webinar is aimed at all those working in or managing MRI facilities, so please forward this invite to relevant colleagues.

Watch the webinar on-demand now

You can also see WM Faulkner’s responses to the Q&A here

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