Covid-19: Maintaining Safety & Security Amid Social Distancing

Social distancing has been thrust into our daily vocabulary and has changed the way we are interacting with other people.  One of the major principles of social distancing is limiting of contact with others by a minimum of 6 feet (1.8 meters).  This guidance is to limit the exposure to the Covid-19 virus passed from person-to-person and through close airborne contact with fluid/droplets.

Nearly all users of Metrasens’ products are considered “essential” employees and are on the front line in work situations where exposure to Covid-19 is high.  While you are required to remain working, Metrasens would like to provide some guidance on utilizing our products to their full benefit while observing the current social distancing guidelines.

Screen for risk items at 6 feet (1.8 Meters) or more of distance

Many screening tools in your arsenal require close contact to perform a search fo restricted items.  Whether that be a personal search or a search with a hand held screening product.  Metrasens’ products are a perfect substitute or replacement for those screening methods due to their inherent at-distance screening procedures.  As illustrated in the headline graphic, screening at a distance is a technology advantage for our line of ferromagnetic detectors.

Screening with Metrasens’ products requires the person being screened to either, 1) walk by the detector(s) or 2) turn 360-degrees in front of the detector to register a positive alert for a ferromagnetic risk item.  The screener, or person conducting the screening, is alerted by a visual alert and/or audible alert which can be identified at the 6 foot (1.8 meter) social distancing guidance or further.

Screening in this manner, with these products from Metrasens, does not require you to sacrifice one safety issue for another.  Please keep safe, keep screening and protect one another.

*As a reminder, also remember to follow Metrasens guidance to clean & sanitize our products frequently to keep the coronavirus from living on hard surfaces.