Mass Screening at Events

Protecting Your Arena From a Mass Casualty Event

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Protecting Your Arena From a Mass Casualty Event

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Mass Screening at Events

Protecting your arena has many complexities – a robust physical security strategy, a continued pulse on intelligence and a regular review of security system layering to name a few. New threats always present risks and considering opportunities to fortify the perimeter is top of mind for security professionals that own this responsibility.

In this white paper we take a look at three considerations for mass screening at the perimeter for large events:

  • The vulnerability of large crowds at arenas
  • Commonality of security measures already in place to screen attendees
  • A way to expand your reach with new technology

Additional Resources

Mass screening infographic image

Infographic: Mass Screening at Events

In this infographic we take a look at 3 key mass screening considerations at events: The vulnerability innate in large crowds, the common security methods in place, and a way to expand your reach.


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