The Future of Threat Detection. Today.


The Future of Threat Detection. Today.

Detection to protect the most vital assets. People.

There is no more important asset to protect than people. As organizations and government agencies know all too well, the crux of the matter is protecting people all the while combating new and evolving threats aimed at danger and disruption. Metrasens counterterrorism solution connects security leaders with the latest advancements in technology to gain the advantage in the fight against these terror threats.


terrorist attacks worldwide in 2016*


 fatalities due to terrorism in 2016**


 people injured due to acts of terrorism worldwide in 2016***

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Leading a paradigm shift

Security leaders are driven by a need to continuously improve, yet often restricted by appropriate technology advances. Metrasens has channeled its expertise in ferromagnetic detection to provide a fitting solution for security leader’s unmet counterterrorism needs – effective protection from large mass casualty threats.

Arenas, Concert Venues & Stadium Security

Categorized as “soft targets”, these environments are top of mind for ongoing security risk evaluation and continuous improvement to security systems and processes. Large volumes of people gathering in places designed for entertainment rather than security presents challenges for today’s security leaders. Solutions from Metrasens aid in the strengthening of stadium security and security for arenas and concert venues to keep guests safe from potential threats.

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entertainment and hospitality security

Entertainment and Hospitality

Whether a red carpet premiere or crowded casino floor, the attractiveness of popular entertainment is a big draw for our culture.  Security is continuously heightened to stay a step ahead of evildoers while ensuring there is no disruption to the main events.  It is important in this industry that security solutions are non-obtrusive yet extremely effective in their objective to protect people and assets.  Metrasens delivers on these aspects and more with unique solutions specifically designed for these environments.

Business Campuses and Technology Center Security

Large and small business campuses are increasingly examining processes and systems for protecting staff and visitors across all levels. Senior leadership teams are demonstrating a focus on protecting the C-suite, as well as the whole business campus. A tremendous value to these organizations are the people that are creating next generation technologies, and protecting them from potential threat is a real concern. Metrasens demonstrates a real understanding for enhancing the security solution for these environments with products conceived with their unique needs in mind.

Business campus security
PS900 Plus Release

Proscreen 500

Detection solution for identifying small and medium sized recording devices and weapons across public and government facilities.

Proscreen 900 Plus

Proscreen 900 Plus

Large object detection for identifying mass casualty weapons used against soft targets in a physical threat to people and places.

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