Trends in contraband white paper

Discover What is trending in Jail & Prison Contraband

New white paper now available

Discover what is trending in jail & prison contraband

New white paper now available

Trends in contraband white paper

Keeping pace with the contraband enterprise

The fight against contraband is as old as the corrections system itself. While many tactics and contraband choices have remain unchanged over time, there has also been a paradigm shift. Technology plays a huge role in the type of contraband and the way in which it is introduced into facilities. Detection strategies depend heavily on keeping pace with contraband changes and influences.

In this white paper, you’ll gain valuable insights to shape and validate your views on contraband. Whether you are a seasoned corrections veteran, or new to the line of duty, you will gain a sound perspective on contraband evolution. It includes information on the 5 key threats and vulnerabilities of contraband and a key steps to intervention checklist.


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During our initial use of Cellsense Plus we confiscated contraband in three occurrences from using the product to search inmate property and bedding. Thanks to Cellsense Plus, we found a set of headphones wrapped up in a small plastic bag, magazine with staples in the binding and a razor blade hidden in the spine of a 400-page book. All in all, a successful search.

Lt. Riddic Bowers

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office