Comply with guidelines for MRI safety

We’ve produced a new guide and supporting materials for Architects, Specifiers and Planners to help you define architectural layouts of MRI suites that are optimized for safety by incorporating ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS) and the American College of Radiology’s recommended Four-Zone layout system.

Safety and usability are primary objectives when designing MRI facilities. To enhance MRI safety, Ferromagnetic Detection Systems (FMDS) such as Metrasens’ Ferroguard® system are now required by multiple professional and accrediting bodies.

Our new free guide includes:

  • An introduction to Ferromagnetic Detection Systems for MRI safety
  • The current regulatory landscape for Ferromagnetic safety
  • The 4 zone layout system for MRI facilities
  • Key factors to optimizing facility design & FMDS performance
  • Recommended locations for FMDS
  • Example MRI Suite layout
  • Entry control doorway design considerations

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