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A FerroGuard® MRI alarm system located at the entrance to the MRI suite could drastically reduce the likelihood of a major ‘projectile effect’ incident. FerroGuard® gives a visual and an audible alarm to alert staff to the presence of ferromagnetic material as they approach the MRI suite. It will allow staff to pass by with MRI safe ferrous free metallic objects without alarming.

Ferroguard® Beacon Display
The Ferroguard® Beacon display is a major innovation in ferromagnetic detection systems. It provides continuous visual feedback of the local ferromagnetic environment giving advanced warning of the presence of dangerous ferromagnetic objects. The combination of our patented dual sensor technology with twin alarm indicators, means a reduction in the occurrence of audible false alarms. The secondary audible alarm will still sound should staff cross the system threshold.

Available with the highly flexible Freestanding system or as an unobtrusive Wall Mounted unit a Ferroguard® Beacon system can be deployed at the optimum position within your MRI facility whether that is the zone 3 or zone 4 threshold.

Deployment / Modes of Operation
The Ferroguard® systems are designed to be operated in two different modes; Pre-screen and Entryway modes.

In the Entryway mode the Ferroguard® MRI alarm system is located at the entrance to the MRI suite and is designed to reduce the likelihood of a major ‘projectile effect’ incident for example if a member of staff inadvertently brings a ferrous tool into the MRI room.

In the Pre-screen mode the system poles are placed close enough together to allow just a single person to pass between them. The sensitivity control is set to a high sensitivity level and the system can then be used to scan patients for smaller ferromagnetic items. The system would typically be deployed in the interview or changing room area.

FerroGuard® benefits:

FerroGuard® is intended as an ancillary screening device and is not to be used as a replacement for traditional safety programmes, training, and primary screening methods. In addition to increasing safety levels, the FerroGuard® alarm system is intended to heighten safety awareness of the risk of projectile effect incidents.



portable freestanding system
FerroGuard® Freestanding System

wall mounted systems
FerroGuard® Wall Mounted System

ferroguard beacon system
FerroGuard® Beacon Display